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The Classic Menswear Hub

Grow your style and influence through classic menswear

What I’m going to share with you in this HUB is what took me over 9 years to learn and apply. You don’t have to do it like I did scouring the internet for information and piecing everything together.

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What you’re going to get

Module #1

A membership program where you can put CM into practice on a day to day basis.

Module #2

Assignments that'll require you to slowly start making changes in your style and present it to an audience for feedback.

Module #3

A curated semi-annual done-for-you shopping list so you know exactly what to buy for your climate.

Module #4

Access to me and my coaching every week.

Module #5

Access to my pre-recorded Look Your Best In 5 Days Or Less course (worth $129).

Module #6

Live cohort classes plus access to all my previous cohorts.

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Access to all past weekly Office Hours.

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Access to other experts.

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Exclusive brand partner discounts.

Module #10

A community of like minded men who are there to support you.

*$1,197 / $997 (Limited Time | Launch Offer)

Member's Speak

Hannan Qureshi
ENT Surgeon

Since becoming a member of The Hub, I feel a lot more confident in business casual and formal settings and finds new reasons to wear my new clothes. I’ve acquired pieces that are going to last me a lifetime and now my friends and colleagues come to me for Style advice. My wife also loves my new wardrobe which is priceless.

Ralph Edmond
Chairman & CEO Laboratoires Farmatrix

Before I started following Vladimir’s framework, I used to wear high Fashion shoe brands like Ferragamo. Then he introduced me to classic shoe brands that I’ve never heard of. I took his advice, bought all new shoes that not only look great but can also be easily resoled. My confidence is through the roof.


In a world of fast fashion and trends, it can be hard to remind oneself what the essentials are. This course is an easy guide, a condensed pathway to simple but elegant truths which were traditionally passed from father to son. With Vladimir’s own touch and humor.


I’m very impressed!!! You did your thing with these videos. You make me want to get another suit now. I’ll be contacting you ASAP.

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Who is the host of the Hub?

Vladimir Riché

I always notice that men who aren’t sure about their look and style are usually a lot less confident. Not only do they spend a long time putting their outfits together, and when they do, they’re still hesitant in their choices and it shows. They don’t own the room and have very little influence.


What’s up? I’m Vladimir, a YouTuber who specializes in Classic Menswear. I help men crossover from Fashion to Style, so they can build a timeless wardrobe. I can relate to most men because at some point, I was in their shoes (point intended).


I got tired of seeing men making the same fixable mistakes over and over again, and decided to do something about it. The problem I found is that most men don’t know where to start and that’s where this course really shines. You’ll know exactly what to get to put your first Classic Menswear outfit together effortlessly.

What other YouTubers are saying about Vladimir

Vladimir calls himself your favorite YouTuber’s favorite YouTuber. Here are a few words from some of his peers.

“Vlad’s channel is a goldmine of valuable insights and practical tips. From suits to shirts to shoes, he covers everything you need to know about classic menswear with expertise and passion. If you’re looking for a YouTube channel that combines expertise, charisma, and a genuine desire to help build your confidence, then Vlad’s channel is a must-watch!”

Antonio Centeno

Real Men Real Style

Frame 24

3.48M subscribers

I love your content. I think you’re the most knowledgeable men’s style content creator on YouTube.

BowTie FragranceGuy


Frame 22

144k subscribers

Vladimir Riché does an exceptional job. I really respect and like his content. He’s probably my top.

Kirby Allison


Frame 21

724K subscribers

There’s no doubt about it, Vlad is one of the most knowledgeable menswear professionals in the industry. I’ll always be grateful for his wealth of insight into brands and styles I had never heard of that I still love and recommend to this day.

Preston Soto

The Elegant Oxford

Frame 23

260k subscribers

Great advice! Spot on with everything.
Kirby Allison
Menswear YouTuber
Great job on your videos. Always nice and informative.
Trenton & Heath
Menswear YouTubers

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the cohort?

The cohort is 4 lessons over 4 days

Each session will be recorded and sent to all students within an hour of the session ending.

You’ll be sent an RSVP invitation to put each session on your calendar. The virtual classes will be through Google Meet.

Each session will be recorded and sent to all students within an hour of the session ending.

Yes, Vlad! I want to join the Hub

MAD-W’s doors are OPEN NOW! But hurry, doors close soon.
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How does Master the Art of Dressing Well work?

MAD-W is designed to be a fully immersive experience. You don’t just learn the material, you live it.

You get:

✅ set the right priorities

Versatile shoes? Check. Knowing how your suit should fit? Check. Learn how to prioritize what matters – then let go of the rest.

🚀 sky rocket your confidence

This isn’t just about fashion; it’s about harnessing the power of style to project confidence, charisma, and professionalism.

🎲 No more gambling

You’ll know exactly how to put a stylish outfit together time and time again with my 3 Secrets to Always Look Sharp system.

💸 Menswear mistakes are costly

Your days of blowing cash following the latest fashion craze are over. Learn how to build a wardrobe that’ll last you a lifetime.

Is Master the Art of Dressing Well right for me?

MAD-W is for guys who want to take control of their personal style and leave a lasting impression, whether they’re stepping into the office, attending social events, or simply going about their daily lives, and who sense that there’s something seriously wrong with their current relationship with their appearance.


If you’re constantly confused about what to wear and what colors go together, and you feel like you’re just winging it — it’s not your fault. Millions of men have gotten sucked into a toxic and soul-crushing nightmare — constantly scrambling when they have to get dressed up, scattered, and exhausted, but never seeming to get it right.

Bottom Line

If you’re ready to stop the madness and finally take back control of your time, attention, and life — MAD-W was made for you.


No subscription. One payment for lifetime access.

Master the Art of Dressing Well




For those who want to look stylish.

What’s included:

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