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The ultimate step-by-step system to always be the best-dressed man in any room. 

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What is Master the Art of Dressing Well (MAD-W)?

MAD-W Is A Live Cohort-based Experience That Will Catapult Your Appearance, Self-esteem, And Confidence To Another Stratosphere.

What I’m going to share with you in this cohort is what took me over 9 years to learn and apply. You don’t have to do it like I did scouring the internet for information and piecing everything together. And in 2 short weeks, you’ll have the blueprint.

Here’s how it works


Live Lessons

All the lessons are taught live by Vlad. So, unlike other online courses, you’ll have the opportunity each lesson to ask specific questions about the content.

Then, all live sessions are recorded and uploaded to the private community, where you can rewatch as often as you need. Forever.


Proven System

No more guesswork. You will be stealing my exact step-by-step systems and processes for always putting a great outfit together effortlessly.



Everyone who enrolls is given exclusive access to the MAD-W HQ. A private community. One-time fee and unlimited access.

Surround yourself with creative entrepreneurs on the same journey as you. Make friends, form business partnerships, and network.



Through the community, you’ll have unlimited access to support from me and your other classmates will be there as well. This is the best way to brainstorm ideas and refine your wardrobe in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Master the Art of Dressing Well is NOW OPEN!

The door closes on October 1st at 11:59 PM. Just want to make sure that’s what you have.

*Limited Seats

MAD-W Course Overview, Curriculum, and Schedule.

Live Lesson #1

Suiting Up for Success: On the first day, we’ll unravel the secrets of how a suit should fit and guide you in selecting the perfect suit to match your unique style and body type. From classic to contemporary, you’ll discover the suit that’s right for you and learn to wear it with confidence.

Live Lesson #2

The Foundation of Style: Day two is all about the foundation of your outfit – your shoes. We’ll explore the world of men’s footwear, from formal to casual, and teach you how to choose the right pair for every occasion.

Live Lesson #3

Elevate Your Look with Shirts and Ties: Your shirt and tie combination can make or break your outfit. On day three, we’ll delve into the art of pairing shirts and ties, mastering the art of color coordination, patterns, and knotting techniques.

Live Lesson #4 (October 11th)

The Power of Accessories: Accessories are the finishing touch that sets your style apart. On the final day, we’ll explore the world of men’s accessories, from watches to pocket squares and beyond.

How does Master the Art of Dressing Well work?

MAD-W is designed to be a fully immersive experience. You don’t just learn the material, you live it.

You get:

✅ set the right priorities

Versatile shoes? Check. Knowing how your suit should fit? Check. Learn how to prioritize what matters – then let go of the rest.

🚀 sky rocket your confidence

This isn’t just about fashion; it’s about harnessing the power of style to project confidence, charisma, and professionalism.

🎲 No more gambling

You’ll know exactly how to put a stylish outfit together time and time again with my 3 Secrets to Always Look Sharp system.

💸 Menswear mistakes are costly

Your days of blowing cash following the latest fashion craze are over. Learn how to build a wardrobe that’ll last you a lifetime.

Is Master the Art of Dressing Well right for me?

MAD-W is for guys who want to take control of their personal style and leave a lasting impression, whether they’re stepping into the office, attending social events, or simply going about their daily lives, and who sense that there’s something seriously wrong with their current relationship with their appearance.


If you’re constantly confused about what to wear and what colors go together, and you feel like you’re just winging it — it’s not your fault. Millions of men have gotten sucked into a toxic and soul-crushing nightmare — constantly scrambling when they have to get dressed up, scattered, and exhausted, but never seeming to get it right.

Bottom Line

If you’re ready to stop the madness and finally take back control of your time, attention, and life — MAD-W was made for you.

Who teaches Master the Art of Dressing Well?

MAD-W is the brainchild of Vladimir Riché, a Classic Menswear enthusiast from New York who’s been helping men crossover from Fashion to Style since 2015. He’s a YouTuber with millions of views and host of the I’m Not A Gentleman Podcast. Vlad’s mission is to help men always make a great first impression without following trends.


People ask Vlad why he’s always so sharp and looks so comfortable in his clothes. The answer is Master the Art of Dressing Well. It’s the same system he uses himself to look so effortlessly stylish. Ready to Master the Art of Dressing Well so you can look the same?


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Master the Art of Dressing Well




For those who want to look stylish.

What’s included:

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Back!

We want your Master the Art of Dressing Well investment to be 100% risk free.


So if after the first and before the second lesson, you find the cohort isn’t for you, we will refund 100% of your investment.


And before the first lesson, if you find after enrolling that your schedule is busier than you thought, we will roll you forward into a future cohort at zero additional cost.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the cohort?

The cohort is 4 lessons over 4 days

Each session will be recorded and sent to all students within an hour of the session ending.

You’ll be sent an RSVP invitation to put each session on your calendar. The virtual classes will be through Google Meet.

Each session will be recorded and sent to all students within an hour of the session ending.

Yes, Vlad! I want to Master the Art of Dressing Well!

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