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The 7 Style Mistakes That You’re Making Right Now

Discover the 7 style mistakes and how to correct them once and for all.

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Influencer Testimonials

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“Vlad’s channel is a goldmine of valuable insights and practical tips. From suits to shirts to shoes, he covers everything you need to know about classic menswear with expertise and passion. If you’re looking for a YouTube channel that combines expertise, charisma, and a genuine desire to help build your confidence, then Vlad’s channel is a must-watch!”

Antonio Centeno

Real Men Real Style

Frame 24

3.48M subscribers

I love your content. I think you’re the most knowledgeable men’s style content creator on YouTube.

BowTie FragranceGuy


Frame 22

144k subscribers

Vladimir Riché does an exceptional job. I really respect and like his content. He’s probably my top.

Kirby Allison


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724K subscribers

There’s no doubt about it, Vlad is one of the most knowledgeable menswear professionals in the industry. I’ll always be grateful for his wealth of insight into brands and styles I had never heard of that I still love and recommend to this day.

Preston Soto

The Elegant Oxford

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260k subscribers

About the Author

Vladimir Riché

Image Consultant

What’s up? I’m Vladimir, a Menswear consultant from New York who’s obsessed with all things Classic Menswear.


Caring about my presentation was instilled in me by my parents at an early age. As long as I can remember, I’ve always cared about my clothes, and how they made me feel. It was a form of self-expression.


I’m the one that men come to when they want to get serious about their presentation and stop following trends.


I help them create a timeless wardrobe, be more confident, look more attractive, and always make a great first impression.


As a Menswear consultant with over a decade of experience and a content creator, I’ve helped countless men accomplish their goal of being the best dressed in any room and boosting their self-esteem.

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Dr. Aloaro

YouTube Comment

Dear Vladimir, thanks for the recommendation. I purchased laces from Kirby A. By the way, let me take the opportunity to say that I look forward to your videos. I often watch your videos before I go to class because your videos are relaxing. What you do with your channel is very important, at least in my view! Too many men nowadays dress poorly. I am sure you are a great inspiration for many of them. My colleagues always ask me why I teach in a suit and tie. One professor said to me, “I got into this business, so I don’t have to wear a suit.” I responded that I got into this business precisely because I can wear a suit. Funny how so many men think that wearing a nice, comfortable suit is some sort of punishment! I would be glad to meet you in person one of these days and have coffee. This semester I teach in Brooklyn every Wednesday. All the best!
Feedback Profile

Ardent Dfender

YouTube Comment

Again, welcome back! I spend a lot of time dressing well and a good deal of it was due to finding your channel over a year ago now. Have upgraded much due to watching your vids including now owning 3 pairs of Sons of Henrey shoes, two of which are dress boots and a custom Sweeping Single Monk on Hoween Sienna Grain with 180 Norwegian Welt which was my first ever custom show. Even also own a Carlos Santos pair boot, and all from your show price category recommendations. But both shoes i learned of from watching your vids. From my observation where i live and going to an office as well traveling a bit for work that i barely ever see other guys wearing a Trench Coat, Long Coat of any real version of that. Wither it be for Winter or Rain as well. I just don’t usually see much guys styling it, but i love the long coat myself. I have one myself a Black Wool one, however I’m hoping to pickup one in a lighter color and even a good looking trench one. You make a difference, and you made a difference even when you weren’t making videos because you already did the work for many videos. Still, be great to have you back.
Feedback Profile

Greg Hawkins

Instagram Message

I learned the importance of good quality clothing and shoes. You helped me select the right fit. Suspenders, shoes, and the right attitude. I already had a good personality, but I looked like I was wearing yesterday’s clothes. Now women are very attracted to me. My confidence increased because women became attracted to me. Businesspeople take me more seriously. My business has increased. (I’m in sales) I’m straight commission, and my numbers have doubled. I went from making a better than average income to crazy money. For me that’s over 200k per year. I’m telling you bruh. I’m no “hater”. I’m very grateful for your content.
Feedback Profile


YouTube Comment

I just discovered your channel and have watch several videos over the past few days. You’re engaging and have truly helpful content. Thanks!
Feedback Profile

Seyi Omowa

YouTube Comment

You realize why only one percent of guys/men are stylish when a million people listen to alpha m and Jose Zuniga’s advice while only two thousand people watched this video. Dude, I once copied the outfit you wore in one of your unboxing videos to an interview and I got the contract. The interviewer later said” It was actually though picking a candidate, but I decided to go with you because you seemed more confident and look like someone who would design like he dresses (it was a design job)” You have no idea how much impact you’re making bro. Thank you Vladimir

The 7 Style Mistakes That You’re Making Right Now

Discover the 7 style mistakes and how to correct them once and for all.

100% Privacy Guaranteed!

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The 7 Style Mistakes That You’re Making Right Now

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