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Everything you need to know about putting your best Classic Menswear outfit together.

You Ever Wondered how a suit
should fit or which color is the most versatile?

It’s one thing to wear a suit but wearing a suit correctly is something entirely different.

I remember hating wearing a suit cause I thought that it was corny. And when I did, it had to be baggy and fit me like my street clothes.


Then something changed, I started a new job where I had to dress up and started to read GQ magazine.


Unfortunately, I end up spending money on clothes that are useless to me now. I was following trends instead of building a timeless wardrobe.

My first real suit was a Navy Pinstripe suit SMH. Never buy a Pinstripe suit as your first suit as it’s not versatile.


Also, the fit was horrible because I didn’t know any better. I also didn’t know a thing about dress shoes and paid very little attention to what I wore on my feet. To make matters worse, once I realize that | was going down the wrong path, it took me a few years to unlearn all the bad habits that I picked up over the years.

look your best in 5 days or less

Look Your Best In 5 Days Or Less would’ve been what the doctor ordered when I was first starting my Menswear journey. It would’ve saved not only money, but more importantly time.


In LYBIFDOL, you’ll find valuable information about fit. What suit color to wear if you can only have one. The 2 most versatile shirt colors and also the one pair of shoes that every wardrobe is incomplete without. 


After going through Look Your Best In 5 Days Or Less, you’ll have the knowledge
and confidence to be one of the best dressed men in any room. No more guessing if you’re doing it right.
You’ll know exactly how to put a great outfit together from head to toe that’s going to stand the test of time.


Knowing exactly how to put a great outfit together will send your confidence to another stratosphere.


I’m known as the most no-BS and straightforward Style consultant in the business.


You'll command the respect of all your peers and women will stop you on the streets to compliment you.

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Don’t just take my word for it, below are what my students that have gone through the course think about it.

"In a world of fast fashion and trends, it can be hard to remind oneself what the essentials are. This course is an easy guide, a condensed pathway to simple but elegant truths which were traditionally passed from father to son. With Vladimir's own touch and humor."
Mehdi B.
"I'm very impressed!!! You did your thing with these videos. You make me want to get another suit now. I'll be contacting you ASAP."
Ralph H.

course Curriculum

Module 1 of 5: The Fit

Module 2 of 5: The Suit

Module 3 of 5: The Shirt

Module 4 Of 5: The Tie & Pocket Square

Module 5 Of 5: The Shoes



Bonus 1

30-minute coaching call with Vlad

Bonus 2

Discount codes totaling up to $100

Bonus 3

The Top 5 Shoe Shining Tools cheat sheet


What’s up? I’m Vladimir, a YouTuber who specializes in Classic Menswear. I help men crossover from Fashion to Style, so they can build a timeless wardrobe. I can relate to most men because at some point, I was in their shoes (point intended).


I got tired of seeing men making the same fixable mistakes over and over again, and decided to do something about it. Look Your Best In 5 Days Or Less is my first course but has been in the making for years.

What other YouTubers are saying about Vladimir section

Vladimir calls himself your favorite YouTuber’s favorite YouTuber. Here’s a few words from some of his peers.

Great advice! Spot on with everything.
Kirby Allison
Menswear YouTuber
Great job on your videos. Always nice and informative.
Trenton & Heath
Menswear YouTubers





Frequently Asked Questions

The course is for anyone who’s looking to step up their menswear and look their best.

You’ll have full-access from day 1.

With the premium version, you’ll not only get discount codes and a cheatsheet. You’ll also get a 30-minute coaching session with Vlad where you can ask him anything.

Vlad does offer 1:1 coaching as well as group coaching to help you implement what you’ve learned in the course.





thank you!

I’m really proud of Look Your Best In 5 Days Or Less. My goal was always to make courses, YouTube actually came second. You will not be disappointed, I promise you. A course like LYBIFDOL would’ve been indispensable early on in my Sartorial journey.


Maybe you think that you’ll never be well-dressed because you weren’t born with a great sense of style. Or maybe you’ve read a few magazines and watched a few videos but it’s still not clicking. I’m here to tell you that you can actually learn how to dress, I’ve done it myself and I can teach you how. I’ll see you inside the course.